The Elementary Curriculum

Students work independently and in small groups toward individualized learning goals. Students' interests are tapped to create enthusiasm for learning. The curriculum utilizes a number of manipulatives, texts, literacy circles, science experiments, and technology. A wide variety of field trips, community speakers and parent volunteers support these studies. Students are encouraged to share their findings in daily circle discussions to further students' critical analytical skills and public speaking. Students are explore the arts through music, theatre, and art classes. They explore the broader world through their world cultures study and community service projects.

The Harmony Elementary program operates as a 10-month school-year academic program, paired with a 2-month summer learning-through-fun program. This program includes two multi-aged classrooms, kindergarten-2nd grade, and 3rd grade-5th grade, arranged in a teaching community to allow cross-classroom teacher and student interaction. The elementary program is differentiated from other school programs by the low student to instructor ratio, the individualized learning approach, and the emphasis on cultivating engaging learning experiences.


At Harmony School, technology is strategically utilized as just one of many tools to increase knowledge and understanding. In our elementary classroom, technology is seamlessly integrated to enhance the learning experience. Students use Smart Boards for visual demonstrations, educational apps on laptops for personalized practice and interactive lessons. Our teachers use technology to cater to each child's needs, promote critical thinking skills, and provide students practice of complex concepts where they receive immediate feedback.

Colorful pencils holders displaying sorted red, orange, yellow, and green pencils against a blurred colorful classroom.

A Space to Create

The integration of music, theatre, and art creates an enriching experience for our students. Through hands-on experiences, children are given the opportunity to create plays, make their own props, learn instruments like the harmonica, drums, and guitar, and explore a plethora of art techniques and art self-expression. Harmony students develop their ability to express themselves through the creative arts, dramatic production, and musical performance.

Three children with various skin colors sitting on the floor with small magnifying glasses huddled around a tray containing plants and roots.


Elementary students learn practical conservation skills. They are responsible for the campus recycling program, aide in the planting and care of their own garden, and complete the programs to maintain their Green Steps Certifications.

Love and Learning Go Hand and Hand

Friendship and socialization is important to all elementary students. Harmony School establishes a community of kindness and acceptance that gives children a foundation to be great friends to each other.