The Preschool Curriculum

The Harmony preschool program is for students 30-months to 5-years of age. The program content is differentiated from other local daycare programs for similar age children by its early literacy, integration of the arts, experiential learning opportunities, and social and emotional mentoring. The preschool program operates year-round and enrolls students continuously.

Our Curriculum Includes

- Teaches everyday life skills
- Encourages children to make decisions and choices
- Encourages the use of language
- Uses a hands-on discovery approach to knowledge acquisition

- Exposes children to pre-math and pre-reading/writing materials, a wide range of science, geography, and social studies material
- Content delivered through songs, art, and theatre
- Nurtures each child's curiosity and creativity

A Space to Play

When children are at play, it may look just that - playing. A fun way to pass time with friends and classmates, but research shows that play is a crucial element to foster problem solving skills, language skills, and motor development.